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The institute is a critical intellectual and social hub, connecting scholars across UC Santa Cruz and partners beyond the University, developing research-based solutions to urgent problems in the world.


ARI logo

Logo and website design. The purpose of the Arts Research Institute is to enhance the national and international prominence of the arts at UCSC through publication, performance, exhibition, or curation, and to increase the quality and vitality of research and creative work in theory, scholarship, and practice in the arts. The Institute seeks to foster a vigorous and visible environment of intellectual activity and achievement.

Institute of the Arts and Sciences logo
Branding for the Institute of the Arts and Sciences. Logo, poster series, stationery, invitations and website.

IAS letterhead
IAS business card and envelope design
IAS invitation
IAS invite
IAS Save the Date for and Evening with Russell Crotty

Critical Sustainabilities logo
Logo and website design. In the face of economic and environmental crisis, and unprecedented rates of urbanization, the term sustainability has become ubiquitous in policy circles and across myriad social domains. This reveals a deeply felt and widely shared desire for a sustainable future. At the same time, it presents us with competing and often contradictory meanings and applications of the term that pose challenges for sustainability scholarship, organizing, and practice.

ARC logo

Logo for a research center at UC Santa Cruz

Unfixed Itineraries logo

ISIM logo



Porter College logo

Porter College is one of the colleges at UC Santa Cruz, and where an iconic wave sculpture is located.


cdar logo




EARTH Lab logo



E.A.R.T.H. Lab produces experimental environmental art in collaboration with the Earth.




Branding for University of California, Santa Cruz, Arts Division and departments. See more of this comprehensive branding system.


Wonders of Life logo for Epcot Pavilion


Logo for Wonders of Life Pavilion at Epcot