Arts Division logo

Deciding to create a sub-brand for the Arts Division at UC Santa Cruz was a controversial move.

The lack of visual recognition of Arts Division was problematic; the division needed to stand out, to be recognized for the breadth of artistic works it generated: from Opera to Print Sales, Theater Performances to Digital Arts Exhibitions and Social Documentary Film Making to Sesnon Gallery Shows. To be effective in fundraising efforts outside the university and to compete for funding within the university itself, required dramatic presentation of the achievements, and value of the teaching and learning taking place there.

Could creating a sub-brand, a coordinated series of logotypes for the Arts Division and each of its seven departments , aid in achieving these goals?

Working closely with the Dean of the Arts, I implemented new Arts Division branding and applied it to vast array of projects over a 10 year period. My work encompassed web design, posters, brochures and programs, cards & invitations, and logotype design for the Arts Division’s seven departments.

The Result: This design work served to elevate the division’s profile, attract top faculty and students, draw in funding, publicize events, and foster the relationship between campus and the community.



Logotypes for the University of California, Santa Cruz, Arts Division and Departments