“Julie did outstanding work this year. As always, she works at a very high level, producing consistently professional work that wows her clients and continues to build a cohesive and compelling Arts Division brand. Within and outside the Arts Division, Julie’s colleagues are effusive in their praise.”

— Scotty Brookie, Arts IT Director, UC Santa Cruz

“I have really enjoyed working with Julie on the AG&PM website. She is very conscious of the balance between our need for standards and our desire to create designs that speak to the particulars of a program. I enjoyed her attention to detail, her enthusiasm for learning new tools and in particular her interest in creating a logo system that spans across the Divisional programs that embrace games.”

— Professor Robin Hunicke, Art, Games and Playable Media, UC Santa Cruz

“Julie continues to be an incredible asset to the Division. Team player, customer service oriented (without sacrificing her professional design standards) and engaged in the Division and the work of our faculty and students. Julie’s creativity abounds and is appreciated greatly.”

— Alison Lucas, Arts Division Chief of Staff, UC Santa Cruz

“Julie has been great to work with… one of the huge benefits in addition to having her help create good templates is her work on faculty sites. Her design expertise means that we’re going to have some pretty sites to highlight when the service launches. That’s really a huge bonus.”

— Leslie Geary, Project Manager for the Faculty Web Project, UC Santa Cruz

“Julie Rogge continues to be a terrific asset to the division. Her work on this year’s SocDoc program was as fine as ever, and her input re: photographs is invaluable. We are really satisfied and feel lucky to have her.”  

— Ruby Rich, Critic + Editor, Film Quarterly, Professor of Film & Digital Media, Social Documentation, UC Santa Cruz

“Julie Rogge has been creative, responsive, and flexible working on three critical Institute projects: our website, the posters for the LASER series, and the Institute Logo and business cards. Her design work was excellent on all three, and I continue to get compliments on our website. Most recently, Kathleen Zurko, the director of the museum at College of Wooster in Ohio, opened an email with “Whoa. Seriously pretty institute website…” when she wrote to me for advice on a Mellon grant about teaching museums. I get this kind of feedback regularly, and the website is clearly creating external visibility and generating enthusiasm for the project. We have also had good feedback on our posters and the look of the institute’s graphic package.”

— John Weber, Founding Director for the Institute of the Arts and Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

“Thanks for all you did. The graphics for this event made ALL the difference. I seriously don’t think you can fill the Rio for an academic event like this, with no household names as a draw, without a stunning design to draw people in. Whew! Time to get together now for that glass of wine (or two!).”

— Pamela Dewey, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Social Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

“Julie, you went way above and beyond. No need to do another thing for the eco symposium project. You really went the extra 10 miles. Adding the time I think was a brilliant idea. Very generous of you to add that. Donna Harraway said she loved the poster. She’s so great. Maybe you know who she is. professor emeritus. You are getting so many compliments on this poster.”

— Annie M. Sprinkle, Ph.D., Artist and Ecosexual Sexecologist

“Dear Alison, Sabrina, Maureen, and Julie, speaking as a member of the faculty as well as someone deeply involved in the production, I want to congratulate and humbly thank each of you for your extraordinary efforts in support of ZOOT SUIT. This is an event that in some cases taxed our resources but which, in my view, was profoundly worth the effort not only for the students but for our whole Division. On behalf of myself and the rest of the ZS team I want to thank each of your personally for your dedication, competence, and support, and for going the extra mile when not everything proceeded as planned. Apart from the astonishing program and the elegant and companionable reception and all the other things, thanks to your aptitude and goodwill we have been able to make significant connections with faculty in other disciplines, students of wildly different majors, and the broader community of Santa Cruz and Watsonville. I will work hard to solidify those gains as we move forward.”

— Michael M. Chemers, PhD, MFA, Associate Professor of Dramatic Literature, UC Santa Cruz

“Thank you for your tremendous efforts making What’s Next, Now! such an incredible evening. The time and commitment you put in to this event is deeply appreciated. From all reports, our guests left feeling inspired and re-energeized about the Arts at UC Santa Cruz. Thank you again.”

— Susan Solt, Dean of the Arts, Distinguished Professor, Theater Arts

“The guests last night were over the top about your poster. So thanks again.”

— Ruby Rich, Critic + Editor, Film Quarterly, Professor of Film & Digital Media, Social Documentation, UC Santa Cruz