Bookcover image showing public spaces

Book cover design. This is a book about the interaction between work, new social movements, cities, and urban space. Copyright Date: 2017. Published by: Cornell University Press


Film poster showing Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle and water

This poster is part of the graphic identity for the film Water Makes Us Wet: An Ecosexual Adventure, which premiered at documenta 14 and was shown at NY MOMA. It continues to play at film festivals, museums, galleries and conferences, both nationally and internationally.


Brochure cover is a collage of cracked earth, a fossil, ice and hot red and pink colors

Design of program, poster and web graphics for the fifth annual Climate Science and Policy Conference presented by UC Santa Cruz. Keynote speakers Newton Harrison, internationally renowned for work that addresses sweeping environmental challenges, including how urbanization and climate change are impacting ecosystems, and Scott Wing, a biologist who explores evolution, ecology, and climate change at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, where he is curator of fossil plants.


Collage of fog in the trees merged with sound waves in soothing green tones

Conceptual image. The high-profile Pacific Rim Music Festival, sponsored by the Music Department of the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) and led by composer and professor Hi Kyung Kim, has taken place six times since 1996. The festival has presented the works of 131 composers, introduced more than a hundred world premieres, brought well-known contemporary performance groups to campus, and promoted the creation of compositions that bridge culturally diverse musical expressions and unite performers and composers from around the world.


Poster shows black rocks transforming into gold and smoke

Poster for MFA Show.